People are searching for you through voice commands: Are you willing to listen?

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Why bother with voice search technology?

  • Billions of voice searches per month since 2018 according to
  • Voice search volume increased by 100% through 2020 .
  • Consumers buy millions of home speakers and other devices connected to cloud based APIs.
  • Experts recommend considering adjusting search engine optimization practices to reflect oral language.
  • Gartner predicted 30% of searches are done without a screen as of 2020.

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Using “Ok Google”

Ok Google! Add lemons to my grocery list.


Google: Okay, I added ‘I like men’ to your grocery list


There are various voice search fails. Everyone encounters them all the time. Does it mean voice search should not be used? Absolutely not!

Voice search is easy and quick but it has a few issues. One of the biggest is the wrong interpretation by the AI tools.
Can it be fixed? Yes.

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